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Electroplating Services - Protective Coatings, Inc
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Electroplating Services

RV Roof Kits & 5th Wheel Roof Kits

Our EPDM rubber sheet has been the preferred rubber roofing for the RV industry since 1987.  Some of the reasons to choose our EPDM roofing system are:
 • Doesn’t crack and dry out like asphalt products
 • Doesn’t stretch and sag or become brittle like plastics
 • Doesn’t fatigue from vibration or thermal cycling like metal
 • Resists both UV radiation and ozone
 • Bounces back from impact blows that tear & rip other roofing systems
 • Reduces noise from rain, hail and wind
 • Can easily be repaired with “Quick Patch” repair kit

Our RV Roof Kit will enhance the appearance of your Motor Home or  5th wheel. The membrane can be attached with either contact adhesive or water-based adhesive.

Mobile Home Roof Kits

We also provide Mobile Home Roof-Over Kits. The kit combines a white EPDM membrane with 2″ or 3″ thick high density insulation installed over your current metal roof. The kit is not a spread-on coating that has to be re-applied each year. It is a ONE PIECE rubber membrane that covers the entire roof (double wide – 2 pieces). Reasons to have our Mobile Home Roof Kit installed:
 • Prevents Leaks – Shields home from damaging effects of the weather
 • Maintenance Free – no need for costly painting, patching or coating year after year
 • Stops Roof Rumble – no more expansion and contraction cracks and no more rumble caused by the winds
 • Ends Condensation – no more stained ceilings
 • Improves Resale Value – adds to the appearance of your home
 • Energy Conservation – the white surface reflects the sun’s rays in the summer reducing air conditioning costs. The added insulation reduces heat loss reducing your heating costs.
 • Easily Repaired – if damage does occur, the membrane can easily be repaired