On many occasions, it is either difficult or impossible to remove an item from service and send it out for inspection, repair or relining. In instances like this, our trained technicians will travel to your facility and perform all of the necessary work. All of our technicians receive OSHA 30 hour Safety Training.

Support Equipment / Programs


• On-Site Safety Inspection Checklist
• Pre-Job Hazard Assessment
• On-Site Toolbox Safety Meetings
• Confined Space Entry Procedures

Confined Space Entry

• Confined Space Entry Program
• Full Body Harnesses & Life Lines
• Tripods & Retrieval Winches
• Air Quality Monitors
• SCBA Respirators w/Escape Bottles
• Air Movers & Blowers

Fall Protection Equipment

• Full Body Harnesses
• Shock Absorbing Fall Lanyards
• Winches with Centrifugal Brakes

Blast Equipment

• 6 Cu Ft Blast Pots
• 0.5 Cu Ft Blast Pot
• Duct Collector
• Grit Recovery System
• Breathable Air Filters

Additional Equipment

• (6) Trucks and (5) Work Trailers
• 480V Step-Down Transformer
• Portable Boilers
• Temperature Monitors for Vulcanization
• Portable Electric Heat Tables

Field Work Projects (Partial List)

CustomerType of Installation
Mobay Chemical
Friendly, WV
1,000,000 Gallon Rubber Lined Tank for Hydrochloric Acid Storage
E.I. DuPont
Belle, WV
600,000 Gallon Rubber Lined Tank for Hydrochloric Acid Storage
Mobay Chemical
Friendly, WV
2,000,000 Gallon (Worlds Largest) Rubber Lined Tank for Hydrochloric Acid Storage
Erco Worldwide
Port Edwards, WI
(2) 20′ Diameter x 40′ High Salt Saturator Rubber Lined Tanks
Azko Nobel
Saskatoon, SK
PVC Liner Installation
PPG Industries
Natrium, WV
Reline Brine Saturator Tank
E.I. DuPont
Edgemoor, DE
57′ Diameter x 44′ High Rubber Lined Tank for Ferric Chloride Storage
Georgia Pacific
Taylorsville, IL
14′ Diameter x 32′ High Rubber Lined Slurry Accumulator Tank
Commonwealth Edison
Mount Zion, IL
(15) Demineralization Rubber Lined Tanks
Cincinnati, OH
(5) 20′ Diameter x 20′ High Rubber Lined Process Tanks
Midwest Gen.
Pekin, IL
Reline Demin and Polisher Tanks
Ashtabula, OH
Reline FA-602 Tank
Selkirk Cogen
Charlotte, NC
Line 20′ Dia x 16′ Ammonia Tank
Dayton, OH
Rubber line CSU “A” Cation Tank
BMW Constructors
Indianapolis, IN
Rubber Line Mixed-Bed Deionizer Tanks
Calvert City, KY
Rubber Line 300,000 Gallon Tank
Fort Transfer
Morton, IL
Paint Multiple Tanks
Chilicothe, OH
Rubber Lining Repairs
PPG Industries, Inc.
Natrium, WV
Strip and Reline 24,000 Gallon Rubber Lined Salt Saturator Tank
G.E. Plastics
Mount Vernon, IN
Strip and Reline (2) 20,000 Gallon Rubber Lined Brine Recovery Tanks
Cabot Corporation
Tuscola, IL
Strip and Reline 250,000 Gallon Rubber Lined Tanks for Hydrochloric Acid Storage
Horsehead Metal Products
Monaca, PA
Field Splice (11) Agitators
Reynolds, IN
Rubber Line (3) Tank Sumps
Verso Corp.
Escanaba, MI
Rubber Line &2 Anion Tank
St Louis, MO
Rubber Line (2) Stainless Tanks with Nitrile