Wet-Abrasive Blasting is also commonly referred too as Wet Blast, Wet Blasting, Vapor Blasting, Vapormatt Process, and Liquid Honing to name a few. We have consolidated some information in order to explain the Wet-Abrasive process.


  • What results can I expect?
    GEOBLASTER® wet blast equipment will remove the toughest coatings, yet can be adjusted to clean the most fragile surfaces, without embedment or damage. Whether removing corrosion on a battleship or removing graffiti from sandstone, Wet-Abrasive cleaning is extremely versatile.
  • What about Flash Rust?
    In many cases the process of wet abrasive blasting, and air-drying the substrate, flash rust can be inhibited. Certain applications will require the use of organically based and environmentally friendly rust inhibitors that can be mixed directly with the water.
  • Is Wet-Abrasive Blasting Dust-Free?
    No, if a contractor tells you their system is “Dust-Free” or “100%” Dustless, ask them for their Air Quality Control Report to prove their claim. The term “Dustless Blasting” is an oxymoron.
  • Is Wet-Abrasive Blasting Spark-Free?
    No, if a contractor tells you their system is “Spark-Free”, ask them to prove their claim. In our experience Wet-Abrasive Blasting is not spark-free.
  • What is Wet-Abrasive Blasting?
    Abrasive media is immersed in water and sent to a nozzle where regulated compressed air is added. The ability to adjust the aggressiveness as it discharges over a surface means wet abrasive blasting is a cost-effective and environmentally safe surface cleaning and preparation method.
  • What about the environmental impact?
    There are many wet abrasives that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly and after use, can be disposed of easily and properly.
  • How quickly does the GEOBLASTER® clean?
    After a short set-up time, precise and evenly textured finishes on virtually all surfaces are easily achieved at production rates rivaling sandblasting.
  • How costly is the GEOBLASTER® to operate?
    Because cleaning speeds are so quick, and wet-abrasive consumption is minimal (50-200lbs/hr), operating costs are typically a fraction of that of dry abrasive blasting. Little to no containment is required to protect adjacent buildings, equipment or the public, saving considerable labor hours by minimizing setup and cleanup procedures.
  • What is the difference compared to Dry Blasting?
    The GEOBLASTER® wet blasting process eliminates more than 90% of the ambient dust, eliminates abrasive embedment in the substrate, and produces a more consistent finish. Wet Abrasive consumption is 1/6th to 1/10th of the volume of traditional dry blasting methods, which makes it not only the safest and greenest option, but the most economical wet sandblast option as well!

Manufacturers of Coatings We Apply

Wet Abrasive Blasting 1Carboline has a wide range of coatings, linings, and fireproofing solutions.
Wet Abrasive Blasting 2Since 1968 Duromar, Inc. has been heavily involved with erosion, corrosion and process control problems.
Wet Abrasive Blasting 3Plasite products are designed to be resistant to aggressive chemicals, extreme temperatures, and pressurized processes.
Wet Abrasive Blasting 4Over the years, PPG Industrial Coatings has earned a reputation for innovative, high-performance products and world-class service making PPG a leader in the marketplace.
Wet Abrasive Blasting 5Sherwin-Williams is a global provider of protective and marine coatings, offering a complete line of high performance coatings technologies to combat corrosion.
Wet Abrasive Blasting 6VersaFlex Inc. formulates, manufactures and supplies pure polyurea protective coatings, linings, joint fillers and repair materials for a wide variety of industrial, commercial and maintenance environments.
Wet Abrasive Blasting 7Devcon has developed many well-known OEM and MRO products such as: 5 Minute® Epoxy, 2 Ton®, Plastic Welder™ Flexane® Urethanes, Wear Guard™ and Floor Patch™ to name a few.
Wet Abrasive Blasting 8The Devoe® High Performance Coatings range has a long track record of success resulting from a commitment to innovation and technological advancement throughout history.
Wet Abrasive Blasting 9For nearly a century, Tnemec Company, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of coatings and coating systems for exterior and interior environments.
Wet Abrasive Blasting 10Futura Coatings specializes in developing and manufacturing high performance coatings, elastomers and structural resins.
Wet Abrasive Blasting 11Fast return to service. Providing long term durability and protection against chemical attack, corrosion and leaks, Enviroline products from International Protective Coatings will reduce your downtime by 50%.